Mercedes-Benz Stadium Premium Spaces

The client wanted an iconic, unparalleled fan experience that would get fans off their sofas and away from the convenience of their home environments. The new stadium had to be a must-see, state-of-the-art innovative venue, compelling enough to keep the fan coming back. The client sought to offer its 2 million square feet of private space as hospitality-driven clubs with options that would appeal to a variety of demographics, serve as multifunctional alternative revenue streams, and elevate the guest experience.

Design Challenge

Guests are seeking memorable, authentic and personalized experiences. As designers, our challenge was to create the kinds of immersive environments that deliver exactly that opportunity. Highlighted below are spaces that showcase the design features within the clubs that address this challenge in innovative ways: Mercedes Benz Club – Located in the lower bowl between the 20-yard lines, club guests enter a grand open space featuring an iconic feather sculpture dramatically soaring down from the ceiling to an expansive focal point bar and video wall in the center of the club. These entertainment destinations are supplemented with intimate bars, upscale F&B and a variety of seating areas throughout the club. Delta Sky360 Club – This club sits along the visiting NFL team sideline opposite the Mercedes Benz Club. While sharing the same interior appointments and on-field patio as its sister, it features its own signature experience. Atlanta United and their opposing team enter and leave the field directly through the center of the space. AMG Lounge and SunTrust Club – With seats between the 45-yard lines, the private Founder’s Clubs offer executive members an exceptional all-inclusive gameday experience. Members are treated to concierge services, fine dining with the chef on display, a 360-degree focal piece bar and viewing access to the team player tunnels through floor-to-ceiling windows located in the private dining space. Gullwing Club – As the private club for the collection of premier suites located adjacent to the owner’s personal skybox. The Gullwing Club sets the precedent for luxury and refined elegance.

Physical Context

With so much concrete, steel, and aggressive geometric angles in the stadium, the interior response had to evoke softer forms, a feeling of natural light where there isn’t any, and, overall, make it feel more inhabitable than industrial. With this in mind, we created a distinct, lively space out of over 2 million square feet of winding, cavernous rooms. These 20 hospitality-inspired premium clubs are a collection of experiential environments that offer a variety of amenities, different levels of exclusivity and opportunities for social interaction. Both beautiful and multifunctional, they offer guests a swank tailored event space to watch the game, throw an office Christmas party, host fundraisers, weddings and more.