While the pandemic is accelerating the number of dead and dying shopping malls, office parks, and other suburban property types, it is also increasing the opportunities to retrofit such “underperforming asphalt” sites into more sustainable, just, and prosperous places. Drawing on her extensive database and new book, Ellen Dunham-Jones will present case studies of diverse suburban retrofits that have successfully figured out how to disrupt automobile dependence, leverage social capital for equity, support an aging population, and add water and energy resilience. Virtual Architects Roundtable is free for AIA members. This event is part of AIA Georgia’s 2021 Advocacy Week from March 8-1

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About Ellen

Ellen is Director of the Master of Science in Urban Design degree program at the Georgia Institute of Technology, an authority on sustainable suburban redevelopment, and a leading urbanist. Author of over 100 articles, she is co-author with June Williamson of the retrofitting suburbia book series documenting successful retrofits of aging big box stores, malls, and office parks into healthier and more sustainable places.