The Pittsburgh Eye

(Student Project)

Vidyasagar Tarkhedkar, Juilee Patil
Prof. Carole Pacheco,
Vidyasagar Tarkhedkar
Business Phone: (912) 323-6515

Project Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Completion Date: 11/20/2017
Owner: SCAD

Additional Team:
Juilee Patil/ SCAD/ Design Team Member

Project Description

As multiple small urban interventions result in the overall development of the city, similarly, multiple unsolved problems result in the overall degradation of social and cultural well being of the community. In the case of Strip District, a chain of problems is observed resulting in continuously increasing crime rates. It is of most importance that this chain is broken at as many links as possible.

To address the issue of increasing crime rates, links such as uncontrolled flooding, under-developed river banks, unemployment and grey activities must be targeted through urban planning and development. An Urban Foundry for the ‘Internet of Things’ is thus proposed. This unprecedented program will act as an example for the future development of the urban fabric of the city of Pittsburgh.

Design Challenge

The project aims at tackling issues like crime, poverty, unemployment in the Strip District of Pittsburgh and provide a holistic solution to such issues. The Wave: As energy travels from one point to other, and light reaches out from that source; the wave in planning acts as an axis for the people to move along and towards the IOT. While doing so the wave generates several pockets of undulating landscapes and flexible spaces which are utilized for various functions. These liven up the space and creates a more secured environment. The IOT: Urban Foundry resonates waves of development by setting new industry standards and symbolizes the growth of a new era. As developing an Iconic Urban Foundry is the focus of this project, the IOT stands at the end of this wave and between the two bridges creating curiosity and gives more architectural value to the structure.

Physical Context

What is the Internet of Things? Internet of things is a huge idea that connects various daily gadgets together to make day-to-day life easy. It is an endless run of collecting information in a data pool and processing that data to provide the people with an output that caters to making everyday life better. The Urban Foundry: The Urban Foundry is architectural representation of the IOT. The idea is to design and develop spaces that are flexible. To provide solutions that weave into the present Urban Fabric of the Strip District of Pittsburgh is the ultimate goal.