RBM of Alpharetta

RBM is an experience store, the first of its kind in the U.S. Mimicking the layout of successful Mercedes-Benz pop-up stores, it allows customers to interact with Mercedes-Benz technology and vehicle features for the ultimate user experience. The HALCYON location incorporates modern design elements with experiential factors, including interactive digital displays, new vehicle showcases and product launches, and product specialists available to guide customers through product discovery.

Design Challenge

RBM of Alpharetta tasked us to create the first of its kind stand alone experience center for the Mercedes Benz brand. The challenge of selling this brand outside of a typical showroom environment and in the constraints of a typical retail store meant that a small space had to tell a large story. Without the variety of physical vehicle options that lend themselves to selling cars the solution was to lean more on technology and personal touch to showcase the Mercedes Benz culture and lifestyle

Physical Context

The design of the 1,200 square foot space is meant to draw you in, featuring the sleek curves found on the cars as they envelop the feature cars on display. The black glass that surrounds the space is able to show of the vehicles from every angle while seamlessly integrating visual displays that allow customers and employees alike to customize their dream car.