Lyons Residence

Project Description

The Lyons Residence successfully balances client desires, neighborhood requirements, and environmental sensitivity in a harmonious and attractive design that is contextual to its built and natural surroundings. Located along the marsh of St. Marys, Georgia, the residence was carefully placed. Angled on a long narrow lot, the house respects setbacks and coastal construction conditions while capturing the best possible views of the marsh and water beyond. Influenced by the surrounding landscape, paint colors were matched from Spanish moss in neighboring trees and oyster shells were incorporated into foundation level concrete. Clustered sections of low hip roof projections characterize the house’s form, influenced by the long lines and sweeping eaves evident in Prairie school and traditional coastal design. The house sits gently within the surrounding landscape of towering live oaks and Spanish moss, camouflaged and subservient to its setting.

The interior of the house is open and bright, mixing the warmth of exposed Georgia yellow pine structural members with a modern cable rail stair in steel. Marsh views are framed by paired sliding doors and transoms, allowing daylight and the coastal breeze indoors. While the main living space is open and expansive, a comfort level remains that is conducive for small gatherings. The rest of the house is characterized by more intimate spaces that incorporate essential amenities and private seating areas, secluded balconies, and additional views framing the surrounding landscape. Additionally, pocket doors and a hidden elevator make for easy circulation and maximize the living space of this retirement retreat.