Lexus of Orlando

Lexus of Orlando is an Automotive Retail Facility located in Orlando, Florida. The function of the facility can be broken down into three areas: New and Pre-owned Sales, Vehicle Service and Parts Sales and Storage. The site affords extensive public visibility along interstate I-4 but is accessed from local roads located on the opposite side of the parcel creating a desire for a building with two very important public faces. The also utilizes the roof of the Service Shop for an elevated vehicle display.

Design Challenge

The Site Plan, orientation and general massing of the building relates to a number of key aspects that were critical to the owner’s original selection of the site. The property is bordered on the north side by Interstate I-4 and on the west side by the Florida Turnpike. Both of these thoroughfares provide high visibility to potential customers. The entry to the site occurs along Major Boulevard to the south of the property. In response to both the I-4 and Major Boulevard corridors, the mass of the building was formed to create a strong linear presence along the east-west axis. The clean, simple horizontality of the structure was a response to the motion of traffic along the adjacent interstate. The language of the building was created as a response to the dual functional elements of the program. The western half of the building acts as a framed jewel box housing sales and customer, while the eastern Shop and Parts portion takes on a simple utilitarian form while also acting as an exterior display podium. Primary Design Challenges included: - Creating a retail presence that responded to both vehicular interstate speed and pedestrian engagement from 3 primary view corridors. - Creating a powerful linear form that responds to the interstate while at the same time giving the form a porous quality allowing a connection between the two sides of the structure. - Integrating the required site detention into the overall site layout in a way that enhanced the overall site experience.

Physical Context

Lexus of Orlando is located just south of downtown Orlando on the site of an obsolete office complex. The property sits on a site that is bordered by, and visible from, Interstate I-4 on the south, the Florida Turnpike on the East and Major Boulevard on the North. Due to Orlando’s significant automotive convention importance, Lexus of Orlando is seen as a flagship store for the brand.