This regional cancer center project consists of a 47,000 square foot expansion and renovation of the 55,000 square foot existing structure. The existing building and the expansion are visually woven together to create a strong cohesive material and architectural statement. The new main entrance is celebrated with a large drop off canopy and a curvilinear curtain wall system that is a beacon at night. The expansion is sited with north and south glazing to provide an abundance of indirect sunlight. The glazing allows for infusion bays, medical oncology waiting and administrative offices to have natural light.

Design Challenge

The challenge of a triangular site with thirty-five feet of grade change was evaluated, and the design response ultimately used the conditions to benefit the large expansion. Connecting to the northern part of the existing building, by the main service yard, allowed for the following: -Massing that utilizes north and south light to create a comforting patient and staff experience. -A medical oncology entrance on the eastern-most end of the building where most parking is available. -A new main entrance with valet for the lab, pharmacy, and infusion, which are directly adjacent. -A main mechanical room adjacent to the existing service yard. -Minimal disruption during daily operation. -The expansion to frame the northern edge of the property. The existing building placed departments on various floors that created a fragmented patient process. The expansion and renovation of the existing building relocates departments and creates efficient departmental adjacencies and access. This reduces patient travel distance and directs patients with shorter visits to select entrances. The existing building’s curved structural radius proves for a toilsome renovation. The expansion works to connect to the existing structure by means of a curved double height space, and then utilizes a regular efficient structural grid for the remainder of the expansion. Stacking medical oncology exam rooms above a very open infusion suite required careful coordination of the structure grid.

Physical Context

The design is sited for maximum north and south light. There are not any windows on the east end of the building. There are windows on the west façade, however, they are recessed 10’ due to the director’s outdoor room on the top level. In addition to local imagery, the palette is rooted in nature that also acknowledges the local fabric of an industrial community. The aesthetic celebrates its heritage along the Chattahoochee River. Bright warm neutral colors are supported by warm woods and the inclusion of texture. The overall design intent was to acknowledge the horizontality of the existing structure, its module, and its materials with a timeless design that is an expression of growth and positivity.