Fairburn Hobgood-Palmer

The recently awarded GOLD LEED certified Fairburn Hobgood-Palmer Library meets the criteria for site sustainability, energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources, and innovation in design. The scope of work included new furnishings and fixtures, enhanced and improved technology, renovation of the toilets, replacement of carpet/flooring and ceilings, new lighting, new wall finishes and painting, upgrades to HVAC system, roof repairs, handicapped accessibility improvements and enhancements to the building’s curb appeal.

Design Challenge

One of the design objectives for the Fairburn Library was to modernize the lighting, HVAC and provide increased access to power and data. The existing facility made heavy use of indirect lighting. Many of the interior walls were brick masonry. The administrative areas of the building had very low floor to structure clearances. The building was not sprinkled, but a system had to be installed.

Physical Context

All of the design objectives were met through careful selection of finish systems, close coordination with engineering consultants and working interior designer.