The geometry provides three entities entwining within each other representing the contribution of Charles Mackintosh, Margaret Macdonald and the evolution of Architecture creating a place of importance relating to Scottish culture. Three petite structures represent spaces for individual artists, acting as a creative incubation space, providing containment within nature. Ultimately, redefining office cubicles for creative people. The larger structure is the common area enforcing social interaction amongst the artistic community that lives there. The site acts as a scholarship program providing residency in the community for six months. Here these artists are able to express themselves, as well as socialize, share, and reflect with other artists.

Design Challenge

The major challenges that were taken on during the design of this building center around the space and the strategically designed landscape as well as building codes and accessibility. The design was created keeping all of these factors in mind, and was done in such a way to make it safe and accessible to the public, including those who may have ADA or other disabilities. The most important challenge which was undertaken during this process was integrating AIA Top 10 into the architecture completely. Including geothermal system. These aspects make the space even more inviting to the community as it showcases those ideals which it appreciates most.

Physical Context

Physical traits of the building center are centered around an abstraction of the Mackintosh’s theory of lines. This shape allows for better air circulation as well as creating space for sunlight to enter the building. The communal kitchen has also created a space which will be integrated into the daily lives of those artists to exchange ideas ,who populate the space. Allowing sunlight to enter the building in appropriate intervals as well as allowing the maximum amount of sun to enter as it is in scotland. Finally the building integrates the physical natural fabric around it into the architecture, by drawing energy from the environment around it to create a space for clean living.