East Point Library

It was very important to the lead design team to design and build this 10,344 s.f. renovation project to comply with the LEED rating system’s requirements. Recently awarded GOLD LEED Certification, the East Point Library meets the criteria for site sustainability, energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, materials and resources, and innovation in design. The design entailed new furnishings and fixtures, enhanced and improved technology, renovation of the toilets, replacement of carpet/flooring and ceilings, new lighting, new wall finishes and painting, upgrades to HVAC system, roof repairs, handicapped accessibility improvements and enhancements to the building’s curb appeal.

Design Challenge

East Point Library, located directly across from a Marta Station presented unique design challenges in respect to security and durability of finishes. The facility often was used by less fortunate patrons for personal hygiene purposes or as a place for temporary shelter. As a public building, these individuals could not be restricted or not be given access. The Public and Staff expressed their desire that the renovation should both reflect a high-tech, modern feeling and enhance the feeling of safety.

Physical Context

Much attention was paid to enhanced sight lines, eliminating internal blind spots and use of highly durable and easy to clean finishes within the public toilets. Glass walls and partitions were used throughout to increase the ability to visually supervise spaces and to give a very modern feel. Porcelain tile, Solid plastics and seamless flooring were used in areas subject to heavy use. Higher levels of diffused light were used to again accentuate the ability to deter inappropriate use of Library facilities and to assist with monitoring activities.