1375 Peachtree

The repositioning of Pershing Point to 1375 Peachtree, located at Peachtree and 17th, is focused on providing a new sculptural entry element, lobby, and activated ground level to support the enhancement of retail and restaurant tenants and upgraded office space. The new entrance structure replaces a previous lobby built in the early 2000’s. Together the sculptural entry element and new lobby insert (constructed of structural steel framing, woven steel mesh, and aluminum framed storefront), house a three-level volume that functions as building lobby, open workspace for tenants, and an activated public roof deck overlooking Peachtree.

Design Challenge

Working with an existing building, especially in an urban site, always has its challenges and 1375 Peachtree is no exception. The new lobby volume showcases the structural steel framing system as a method of achieving the desired industrial nature. Designing the structural components of the new lobby volume was especially challenging as there is only a small portion located on grade; the new lobby is largely located atop existing foundation walls and in some cases the lower level floor plates. These existing conditions really began to inform structural column lines and in turn set up the rhythm of the stainless steel mesh screen at the exterior of the building. The construction of the linear park and hardscape also encountered many existing conditions. Without an existing site survey to work from, the construction documents communicate design intent for ideal conditions recognizing that there will be conflicts to resolve in the field. During construction, several active utility lines coming from Peachtree and into the building were uncovered that had to be maintained. Clever solutions across all disciplines were essential to modify footings and bridge over the existing utilities in order to maintain the design.

Physical Context

1375 Peachtree responds to its context on multiple levels; artistically and physically. In the heart of the Midtown Arts District, 1375 Peachtree employs an impactful sculptural element in the form of its stainless steel mesh screen. This screen nods to its neighbors at the High Museum, Woodruff Arts Center, and Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA). The screen also provides practical shading solutions for the western facing orientation of the building and creates interesting spaces on each side. The linear park responds directly to the streetscape and sites across Peachtree and to planned projects to the north across 17th. The ideas of “plaza as room” and creating a variety of spaces for pedestrians are continued at 1375 Peachtree both at the ground plan and third floor roof deck.