Cast your vote in this year’s People’s Choice Awards! Choose your favorite project(s) to show your support, then send to friends, coworkers, families, or strangers to advocate for your favorite projects!

One project from each category of entry will be awarded.

View all the projects below.  Use the filter function in upper left hand corner to view projects by category.  Click on Filter> Add Condition>Where Project Category is> Choose Category.  Use the form on right-side of page to cast your vote for one project in each category.  You may leave project categories blank.  For those voting from the office, shared IP addresses may cause your colleagues to be unable to vote. Get around this by utilizing mobile devices with the wi-fi turned off.  Form is set to allow one form submission per day (24 hours).

Voting ends March 30, 2022 at 6:00pm.

People’s Choice Voting

People’s Choice voting has ended.  Votes will be confirmed and winners notified via email no later than Friday afternoon.