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The AIA Georgia Board of Directors is responsible for:

  • Setting the strategic vision for AIA Georgia and working with other board members and staff to set the scope of activities of the organization
  • Providing fiscal and fiduciary oversight of AIA Georgia and ensuring that the organization is utilizing its resources, both staff and financial, in ways consistent with the strategic vision and scope of work
  • Act as a public face of AIA Georgia, attending public events, meetings, etc., as needed by the organization

2022 Board of Director Nominees

Please review your 2022 AIA GA Board of Director Nominees. To view the professional/leadership resumes for each candidate please click on the thumbnail of their picture. Voting will open on October 27, 2021 at 8:00 a.m.

Ralph Raymond
Ralph RaymondPresident-Elect Nominee


Ralph Raymond, Haitian-born architect, is an advocate of the profession and admirer of technical expertise. He has held several service and leadership roles in NOMA, AIA, NCARB and ACE Mentor Program in the Atlanta, Georgia footprint and beyond. As part of NOMAtlanta, Ralph has held the positions of 2020-2021 President, 2019 Vice President, 2017-2018 Treasurer and 2015-2016 Membership Director. He was awarded the 2014 Member of the Year from NOMA Atlanta. As a part of AIA Georgia, Ralph has served as a Board Director for two consecutive terms from 2016-2019 as well as 2020-2021 Treasurer. He maintains his outreach with those on the path to licensure by being an NCARB licensing advisor and has served on the ‘Intern Think Tank’ and the Forms and Assembly & Item Writing Practice Management subcommittees for NCARB. Since 2019, Ralph has served as a Board member of ACE Mentor Program of Atlanta. Ralph is an associate at HOK’s Atlanta office and has worked on diverse projects such as Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Porsche Cars North America, Solis Hotel Two Porsche, Center for Civil & Human Rights, Emory Health Sciences & Research Building, Grady Center for Advanced Surgical Services (CASS), AstraZeneca Cell Therapy Lab, and several others. At HOK, he is also an emerging leader on HOK’s worldwide Technical Board. Ralph has written articles for the Atlanta Business Chronicle, AIA GA Citizen Architect, and AIA Atlanta Design Equilibrium on design, community service and diversity. Ralph has been a proponent of early outreach by spearheading and participating in programs such as ‘Discover Architecture’, NOMA’s ‘Project Pipeline”, ACE Mentor Program, AIA Atlanta’s High School Design Competitions, and countless career fairs. He holds both a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and Master of Architecture degree from The Georgia Institute of Technology. Ralph is the 2019 recipient of the John A. Busby Jr. Young Architect Medal from AIA Atlanta. As an emerging professional, he is interested in absorbing all portions of the architectural practice, but mainly intrigued with detailing and exterior envelope.

April Mundy
April MundyTreasurer Nominee

Summary of Qualifications:

As a past Treasurer for both AIA Savannah and the Savannah YAF, I recognize the importance of this role in stewardship of organizational resources and support for programming. Service to the AIA brings value to our profession and to our industry, and it is an honor to serve our members.
As a Project Manager, I am charged with focusing on both the client’s project budget and the profitability of the project during design and construction. Fiscal responsibility is paramount in creating a win-win solution. These skills will be extremely important in the role of Treasurer.
My commitment to professional engagement includes previous AIA service as Treasurer of AIA Savannah and the Savannah YAF; I am also serving as Vice Chair of the ACE Mentor Program of Savannah, and have volunteered extensively with local organizations that support and enliven our community. I would be honored to apply the skills I’ve learned from these experiences as Treasurer of AIA Georgia.

Laura Morton
Laura MortonYoung Architects Representative Nominee

Summary of Qualifications

I have a passion for serving my fellow architects, and after attending Grassroots in 2020 I walked away with a new passion to become a steward of our profession on a grander scale. I have been on the AIA Atlanta Board for a few years, first as a Communications Director, and currently the Secretary, but I strive to advance to the State and National level and I see this opportunity as the Young Architect Representative (Director) as the ideal transition. Outside of the Board, I have been engaged in several facets of AIA Atlanta in my decade here, such as leading my firm’s involvement in Discover Architecture and being a founding committee member for Equity in Architecture and Open House Atlanta. AIA Georgia provided the opportunity to bolster my leadership skills through participating in the inaugural class of the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program in 2018, which I then followed by serving on the Advisory Board for the CKLDP 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 classes. In my young architect career, the support and opportunity for growth I received from AIA was unmatched, and I would hope to continue those same offerings for other young architects as their state representative. Those that know me know that I am outspoken about several issues the younger generation of architects are encountering as our profession evolves—issues like equity & diversity, compensation bias, burnout and work/life balance to name a few. I am excited at the thought that this Director position could offer me the platform and access to take some steps toward change, and advocate for my colleagues across the state of Georgia

Heather Potts
Heather PottsYoung Architects Representative Nominee

Summary of Qualifications:

As an emerging professional and recent graduate of AIA Georgia’s Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program, I am interested in the position of the Young Architects Representative as the next intentional step for my growth and responsibility as an architect and leader.

I own a small practice in Atlanta, and I teach design studios at Georgia Tech. I love what I do. I love the variety of opportunities and experiences it offers. I love feeling like I’m working towards something I believe in. But architecture can be an incredibly tough industry for many people. During a class last spring, I met with my students to talk about how their semesters had been going. Unsurprisingly, several of the conversations were punctuated with expressions of anxiety, depression, burnout, and general frustration. And I felt it. I felt it for them, and I felt it for me. Thinking of the careers they would go on to have, the offices they would be part of, and the people they would work for, I saw my younger self in so many of them, and I felt an immense responsibility to do more.

My first few years in the profession have revealed a critical need for change and progress. I am concerned about the sustainability and well-being of many of my peers, colleagues, and students, especially those belonging to groups who are underrepresented. I am in the process of looking for ways to make these issues more visible and begin breaking down the barriers between academia and practice. My priorities in this role would be centered around these issues of visibility and advocacy. As stated by Brené Brown, “you either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

I recently wrote an article recounting the damaging discrimination I have personally experienced in the industry, and the number of people who reached out afterwards to share their own stories was heartbreaking. A few even attributed their decision to leave the profession to this discriminatory treatment, abandoning architecture altogether for careers in which they felt they had a more equitable opportunity to succeed. I know no shortage of architects who would love to get out of architecture, and I think that illustrates a very deep and critical problem. There is no justifiable reason why ambitious, talented, and hard-working individuals cannot find satisfying and healthy careers as architects.

True sustainability is multifaceted sustainability, demanding the consideration of internal relationships, external interactions, and the resulting consequences of our work. We need to examine how our efforts align with the priorities of equitability, accessibility, and affordability, and we must advocate for these priorities and support each other though every step of the process from early academia to firm leadership. Opportunities for education, growth, and success should be accessible to all, and I intend to use the responsibilities of the Young Architects Representative to bring positive and compassionate conversations of inclusivity to the community.

Todd Dolson
Todd DolsonAt-Large Director Nominee

Summary of Qualifications

In addition to a strong passion for architecture and design I bring unique experiences that can benefit the AIA Georgia Board. For qualifications I have over 27 years of experience working on a wide variety of projects type with equally diverse clients. Having served as an At-Large Director on the AIA Georgia Board for the last two I have taken on state-wide advocacy which has required new approaches and tact in the pandemic world. I am also member of the Chattahoochee Nature Center board of trustees where I work hard to raise money for this very important non-profit dedicated to environmental education, advocacy, and stewardship. In addition, I have served on the Southern Regional Council of the Society of College and University Planning (SCUP) for last twelve years. I have rolled off that council to work with SCUP on a national committee that supports their annual national conference. My career has also included time spent on the client side of our profession having served as a project manager and as Associate University Architect at Emory University.

I would be honored to continue to support AIA Georgia in its pursuits of developing the Citizen Architect and bringing a heighten understanding and appreciation of our profession to the communities we serve and legislative bodies that serve us. I want to bring my relevant experience and stories from an allied non-profit organization, the perspective of both the design professional and the client, and my experience with a wide variety of project and client types to help build success at AIA Georgia.

Danny Clark
Danny ClarkAt-Large Director Nominee

Summary of Qualification

To my fellow AIA Georgia members, Greetings! My name is Danny Clark (AIA, NCARB), and I am a candidate for AIA Georgia At-Large Director which I feel has three primary roles: fiduciary, advocacy and vision.
1. Fiduciary: We must provide a more focused, agile, and strategic approach to the allocation of AIA Georgia resources.
2. Advocacy: We must demonstrate our Statement of Values and find ways to open our ranks to professionals who provide unique and practical experience.
3. Vision: We need to elevate the strategic importance of AIA’s role in helping our existing members find better ways to serve their clients.

Currently, I manage the Architecture Department of a large A/E firm that specializes in food and beverage design and I am the small business owner of my own architecture firm. Both of the experiences have allowed me to experience the varied fiduciary constraints of both large and small companies.
As an avid industry supporter and advocate, I currently serve as a committee member for NCARB CART (Certification Alternative Review Team) that reviews applications and portfolios for architects seeking to earn an NCARB Certificate through education alternative. In the past, I have also served on the BCE PPD-PDD alternate Item writing team. The team wrote alternate exam questions to administer in the event that the integrity of an A.R.E. exam was compromised.

My community is not just where I work and live, it’s also where I feel that I can make a lasting positive impact. For the last 12 years, I have served on my county’s Planning Commission. This is a role that requires great flexibility, adaptability, and dexterity as the Planning Commissioner’s role changes with each applicant’s request. Meetings vary based on each request and can include reviewing a request for a setback requirement, reviewing a P.U.D. that will set the standards for what the county will look/feel like for generations to come, and much more. In this role, I have had the opportunity to sit with county residents and county stake holders to ask tough questions about the future vision of the county and help rewrite the county ordinances to reflect the visions of the residents and stake holders.

We are a creative group that needs to look toward the entrepreneurial side of our industry. This is our opportunity to look across the state and connect with sole practitioners who believe that A.I.A. is a waste of the firm’s resources and show them the value of membership and participation,
Our strength comes in numbers. We need a paradigm shift in how this organization of creative and entrepreneurial professionals can be more effective in meeting the needs of our industry and our members.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Danny England
Danny EnglandAt-Large Director Nominee

Summary of Qualifications

As a current At-Large Member of AIA’s Georgia Board of Directors, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working to make our state and region a better place to practice. While the pandemic has limited some of the AIA sponsored programs that members look forward to, we have continued to look for ways to engage with our members and provide opportunities for connection. As we look to move out of the pandemic toward a more ‘normal’ mode of operation, AIA Georgia will likewise resume it’s goals of promoting the profession to the general public, monitoring both beneficial and harmful legislation, and supporting the practice of architecture by it’s members.

As Chair of the Board’s Communications Committee, I look forward to reestablishing our lines of dialogue across the state to both architects and non-architects alike. I believe the AIA can be a resource to it’s members while also championing the profession to the world at-large. Can the AIA strengthen our field by taking the lead in educating future clients on the benefits brought to any given project by an Architect?

I think we can.

Bridget Ellgass
Bridget EllgassAt-Large Director Nominee

Summary of Qualifications:

As a recent first time mom and a firm owner I believe I can continue to bring a unique and evolving perspective to the AIA Georgia board. Architecture and design have been my passion since I was a kid and while being in this profession hasn’t always been easy, it remains my obsession. As the last year or so has taught us, now is the time that many are taking to regroup and consider what is really important. Many of us woke up and got to work groggy from uncertain conditions and preserved through some of the strangest and most challenging times for our communities. Firms grew to understand the human side of their business even more, and we all kept in touch in whatever ways possible. I have seen how AIA GA has grown even more to become a reliable organization for our members and the community. I would like to further that growth and look forward to continuing success.
A thoughtful and talented Architect and designer, Bridget Ellgass is the President of Brink Design. With over a decade of experience working on projects of all scales including commercial, high-end retail, hospitals, higher education, K-12 schools, STEM schools, and international airports, she has honed her skills as an Architect and Project Manager to create efficient, well-designed buildings. During her career she has also developed considerable expertise in leading projects, including managing major projects at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (H.J.A.I.A.). Given her diverse background, Bridget has experience working with clients and organizations of all sizes and will use that expertise to help steer this board to success.

Andrew Payne
Andrew PayneAt-Large Director Nominee

Summary of Qualifications

I have nominated myself for the position of At-Large Director as I appreciate the hard work the board does to represent the profession and since last serving as a Director in 2013 I have longed to get back into the leadership role for AIA-Ga. My current position as Dean of the College of Architecture and Construction Management demonstrates my leadership abilities and commitment to architecture daily. I enjoy working with the great people in the design, construction, and business sectors in and around Atlanta and feel my network of contact is growing at a pace that will benefit me while serving in this position. I am familiar with the operations of the AIA (both locally and nationally), AIA-PAC, and AIAS and want to contribute to the progress moving forward, any way I can.